Construcción colectiva de conocimiento bioquímico
Comunidad Internacional de Residentes, Investigadores y Estudiantes en Medicina de Laboratorio.



EFLM project “Exchange of practical knowledge and skills in Laboratory Medicine” - EFLMLabX


Working Group for Congresses & Postgraduate Education (WG-CPE) of European Federation for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM) has developed the project with the aim to create a professional network of medical laboratories in Europe willing and able to offer practical training, an opportunity for research work and new co-workers.


Within the EFLM website, it was created a website platform EFLMLabX ( with the possibilities for application as host-offerer (laboratory/institution) or user, to offer or search for a range of areas of practice on a diverse field of Laboratory Medicine and to establish direct contacts.


Join the project, share your knowledge, visit laboratories and become a better Specialist of Laboratory Medicine!

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