Construcción colectiva de conocimiento bioquímico
Comunidad Internacional de Residentes, Investigadores y Estudiantes en Medicina de Laboratorio.


JUNE 25-26TH, 2022


Opportunity to Exchange ideas, Network and Debate on Laboratory Medicine.
Includes a visit to a local Laboratory.
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June 26 to 30, 2022

IFCC WorldLab Seoul 2020 - 24th International Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

IFCC WorldLab Seoul 2020 will offer a highly dynamic and stimulating scientific program and be a great occasion to gather together to discuss emerging issues and cutting-edge techniques coming from the field of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine.
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IFCC TF-YS Educational Webinar

In this exciting session, designed for beginners and experts in the field of clinical mass spectrometry, attendees will first be introduced to mass spectrometry and how it made its way into clinical laboratories. We will then review the current status of automation for liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry and how that is improving its access to more clinical laboratories. Finally, we explore emerging applications for breath analysis of volatile compounds, and its potential role in the detection of COVID-19.
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IFCC Professional Exchange Programmes

• These exchange programmes are open for laboratories in all countries where an IFCC member society is active •

• National societies Members of IFCC may support a maximum of one Professional Exchange Programme in any one calendar year •

• National societies Members of IFCC may support a maximum of one Professional Exchange Programme per applicant •

• IFCC has no role in finding placements for postgraduate or postdoctoral study •
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by Graham Beastall, Pradeep Kumar Dabla, Endang Hoyaranda, Ferry Sandra, Vanessa Steenkamp

A guide to conducting Research in Laboratory Medicine

The aim of this publication is to provide insight into the research process and an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of different research methods to young scientists at various levels of their profession and career. This book is ‘nectar’ of the experience of well renowned scientists of leading healthcare organisations sharing their overall vision related to research methodology.
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