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Mentorship Programme 2017

The intent of the "IFCC Mentorship Programme" is to make readily available the knowledge and expertise of well known experienced clinical laboratory directors in developed countries to young laboratory directors in developing countries for whom this experience would facilitate their personal growth and help them improve the quality of laboratory medicine in their own countries. The programme links a specific mentor with a specific associate. The Director of the programme is Dr Donald Young. So this time the call is for young lab directors from South and Central America.


Currently, all mentors have been selected from contacts of the programme director, whom he knows to direct, or have directed, leading clinical laboratories in developed countries. The programme director knows that the selected mentors have a track record that shows they enjoy, and are committed to, teaching. Many mentors are recently retired after distinguished careers as laboratory directors, although this is not an essential requirement. Most of the mentors have worked in Western European or North American laboratories. All have held prominent positions in their national societies of clinical chemistry or laboratory medicine. Many have contributed in different ways to the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine. To ensure that mentors have time available to work with their associates each mentor has been limited to working with up to five such individuals.


The ideal associate is a young individual who has recently assumed the responsibilities of a clinical laboratory director. An associate’s background and qualifications are unimportant as long as they enable the Associate to meet the requirements that would enable him/her to qualify as a laboratory director in his/her own country. IFCC is particularly eager to support individuals who are interested in obtaining accreditation for their laboratories. An associate should already have demonstrated his/her potential to become a leader in the field of laboratory medicine in his/her own country. Nominations made by, or endorsed by, an associate’s national society will be given priority for inclusion in the programme.

Further Information:

Copies of the form for associates to complete for enrollment in the programme may be obtained from Silvia Colli Lanzi ( Further information about the programme may be obtained from Donald Young at

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