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EFLMLabX Webinar

Webinar will present the main aims of the project and practical approach how to use the EFLMLabX platform/website for application and management for the users and offerers of the practice in Laboratory Medicine.


Presenter: Evgenija Homšak (SL), Chair EFLM Profession Committee
Moderator: Sverre Sandberg (NO), past past EFLM president, Member EFLM TFG: Practical Approach to Measurement Uncertainty

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EFLMLabx is a new EFLM service addressed to all Specialists in Laboratory Medicine from EFLM Countries with a double educational aim

  • to create a European network of medical laboratories willing and able to offer practicaltraining in different fields of Laboratory Medicine, with the aim to:
    • achieve higher level of experience on different field of laboratory diagnostics;
    • share the knowledge and experience among practice in different lab-institution;
    • expand contacts between experts;
    • get the opportunity to be part of a team research and writing scientific papers;
    • get the opportunity to find new potential co-workers.
  • to offer a practical tool where European Specialists in Laboratory Medicine can search and apply for a training period in a European laboratory offering a specific training (different areas of practice are available in the system).


apply as user of practice:

  • Trainee fellows, young specialists and any Specialists in Laboratory Medicine from any EFLM country to gain new skills, to be potential co-workers, to get more knowledge and experience about different IVD products/systems not present in their labs, to make new experiences and establish new contacts.

as offerer of practice:

  • National institutions and any medical laboratories in any EFLM country providing a good level of practice to share with other Specialists in Laboratory Medicine good models of achieved lab practice and expose these models to a wide audience in Europe


  • Providing the continuous support from IVD companies, EFLM is establish a bursary programme
  • addressed to EFLM Academy members, especially Young Scientists,
  • covering the travel and a monthly fee for the accommodation and daily subsistence.
  • For this year EFLM has provided from their budget the opportunity for 5 bursaries (1500 euros each).
  • Available bursaries will be announced and opened for application for a limited time (3 weeks on the EFLM website under the section “Bursaries” and on the EFLMLabX website under section “Bursaries”.
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