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1st EFLM/AFCB Conference “Laboratory Medicine for Mobile Societies” XXXIVth National Days of Clinical Biology

EFLM and AFCB recognize the diagnostic challenges associated with an increasing mobility of their citizens not only within the Federations´ borders.
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The Online Radio

Program #25:

-Dr. Elena Verdú (Canada). Interview about the role of host-microbial and celiac disease.

-Dr. Jason Park (USA). Interview about cancer genomics.

-Dr. Karl Bacos (Sweden). Interview about a new method that measures the risk of type 2 diabetes in blood


-News and events about clinical chemistry.
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EFLM project “Exchange of practical knowledge and skills in Laboratory Medicine” - EFLMLabX
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IFCC Professional Exchange Programmes

• These exchange programmes are open for laboratories in all countries where an IFCC member society is active •

• National societies Members of IFCC may support a maximum of one Professional Exchange Programme in any one calendar year •

• National societies Members of IFCC may support a maximum of one Professional Exchange Programme per applicant •

• IFCC has no role in finding placements for postgraduate or postdoctoral study •
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A guide to conducting Research in Laboratory Medicine

The aim of this publication is to provide insight into the research process and an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of different research methods to young scientists at various levels of their profession and career. This book is ‘nectar’ of the experience of well renowned scientists of leading healthcare organisations sharing their overall vision related to research methodology.
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LAB SURFING is a community with a main goal: Connect young laboratory professionals such as residents, fellows, researchers and students from all around the globe.

You can use LAB SURFING to find colleagues in different cities, to host exchange fellows, to search for Lab/City information & opportunities or chat with other scientists.

How do we connect? Using the search engine you'll find colleagues who are registered in the destination of interest. You can make individual or group queries.

community of
Researchers and
Students in Laboratory

About ...

A group of residents identified the need to improve connectivity and communication among Young Scientists in Laboratory Medicine. In a constant evolving profession, scientists are permanently searching for learning opportunities. Exchange programmes become essential and scientists are using more and more this kind of projects.
LAB SURFING grew up motivated by this idea with three main objectives: Connect YS, Improve Communication and make Exchange Programmes easier.

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