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WEBINAR: hsTroponin Testing in Improving Patient Care

"Integration and Impact of High-Sensitive Troponin Testing in Improving Patient Care".
Welcome to IFCC Task Force Young Scientists' fourth educational webinar focused on highly sensitive Troponin assays that have been recently introduced in Europe on February 15, 2018. In this session, attendes gained a better understanding of these new Troponin assays, how the test was being integrated, and the impact on clinical practice and the laboratory.

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Program Agenda

Presentation title: Performance of Highly Sensitive Troponin 
Pr. Damien Gruson, PhD, EuSpLM, FESC
Director of Laboratory
University of Brussels, St Luc

Presentation title: Clinical Application of Highly Sensitive Troponin 
Dr. Raphael Twerenbold, MD
Cardiovascular Research Institute Basel (CRIB) and Department of Cardiology
University Hospital Basel, Switzerland

Moderator: Dr. Pradeep Dabla, Associate Professor, Dept of Biochemistry G.B.Pant Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research (GIPMER)


Brought to you by IFCC TFYS/IFCC Task Force Young Scientists
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