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Edición 2017

Guía del Residente

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Mentorship Programme 2017

The intent of the "IFCC Mentorship Programme" is to make readily available the knowledge and expertise of well known experienced clinical laboratory directors in developed countries to young laboratory directors in developing countries for whom this experience would facilitate their personal growth and help them improve the quality of laboratory medicine in their own countries. The programme links a specific mentor with a specific associate. The Director of the programme is Dr Donald Young. So this time the call is for young lab directors from South and Central America.
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by Graham Beastall, Pradeep Kumar Dabla, Endang Hoyaranda, Ferry Sandra, Vanessa Steenkamp

A guide to conducting Research in Laboratory Medicine

The aim of this publication is to provide insight into the research process and an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of different research methods to young scientists at various levels of their profession and career. This book is ‘nectar’ of the experience of well renowned scientists of leading healthcare organisations sharing their overall vision related to research methodology.
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